I didn’t win…

On November 21, 2015, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

…but I didn’t lose the lesson. I’ve had a vision in my head for a while. Wanted to paint it; never had the urge to. Then, TERA had a loading screen art contest – autumn themed.

I didn’t really “plan” to win, I just wanted an excuse to “paint my vision.” So here it is, I call it “The Fall.”

52 hours involved (“glorified thumbnail” style)


TERA_2015_Autumn-Loading-Screen_theFall_01blue/pink lines [no final lines]

TERA_2015_Autumn-Loading-Screen_theFall_00whiteboard concepts



this is not a test…

On September 12, 2015, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

…however, it is involved in the story relating to the the art test. This creature is known to the locals as “Cabenoch.” This is in the rough outline phase; the sloppy stuff will be taken care of next pass.



7 hours

On September 10, 2015, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

The sloppy stuff will be taken care of when I do the final outline pass – which will be next. Moving forward…





A 3 Hour Tour…

On September 2, 2015, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

Current progress  [rough base-outline phase]. Some stuff is rough. Some stuff is more rough. All stuff is NOT finished. Almost at the 10 mark, (one of the suits is doubled just to show how much a look can change by simply swaping a helmet…and, uh, it’s space filler at the moment). These designs cover a majority of what was presented (i.e. see moodboard refs in below post) ranging from Medieval Gothic to Darksiders Abyssal Plate styled armor. The unfinished scribble concepts on the bottom will end up looking like the rough outlines above the next time you see them…




Holy Ship!

On August 26, 2015, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

Wow. It’s been a really long time. All has been well. There have been some up’s…and some down’s…but all is well, moving forward, and positive. Cheers!

It’s time for a new art test! I received a sketched outline of a body shape, (not initially drawn by me (human, male, proportions which are slightly unrealistic)) and I am to refine and use that as a base for multiple armor concepts. Special armor. It’s so special, I can’t actually tell you all the specifics of it [the story]…but Holy Ship!…it’s focking awesome!

So, now, on with the test requirements:

[-] 40 hour time limit (work week)

[x] create a basic figure outline off of the provided concept sketch

[x] Must have at least 10 different concepts, (more would be a plus, but not required)

[-] Each concept should be colored/textured/etc. , (if beyond 10, sketches only are fine)

[x] Armor Theme: Let’s just say, the armor holds secret powers and magical abilities. [Google Image search “Medieval Gothic Armor”, “Oblivion Daedric Armor”, “Wrath of the Lich King” & “Darksiders Abyssal Armor” for basic moodboard ideas]

[x] Weapon and/or shield not required (weapon would be a plus)

It’s important to keep within the proportions of the base body template sketch. The figure outline is not the focus, however it is to see how well you can pull from think tank scribbles.  This test is only to “pick and choose” the best armor design, (which may include a combination of concept ideas along with extra team feedback) allowing us to “lock in” a final design concept. Send “rendered for web” [png-8, 256] closely cropped pics of each individual concept, (no taller than 1080px). Also send 2 landscape 1920×1080 72dpi png’s [not rendered for web] with 5 concepts on page 1 and the other 5 concepts on page 2 (high resolutions i.e. 300dpi may be requested).

…I guess it’s time to get to work, [again]! Feels good to be back…

– Current Time Spent [7]hrs

Here is my “scribble extraction” base figure outline:





On August 3, 2013, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

I’ve been wanting to post some more info on this project, so here are some pics showing a bit of the progress, (along with some notes). Make sure you go here: http://www.wickedelfchild.com/

FYI – This is not a final composition. It’s just setup like this so you can see everything, (to be honest, a large portion of the image will be cropped out when used for web etc.).

We, (Anne & I) worked together and developed a rough concept of the scene. We’ve got soft colors, minimal texture, and an elf/child-like style that is wicked and cartoony while still giving the sense of “it could happen.”

Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. There is so much I want to do now…with it…texture it. Carpet, wood, fuzz, cloth…it’s all there. I think I’m going to jump back into this one and hit it up with a texture run, might as well, all the hard work is done. Cheers!

Thank you Anne!

Wickedelfchild - Anne Stinnett

Wickedelfchild – Anne Stinnett

WEC - logo-fullColorTest11

WEC - logo-fullColor

WEC - logo hardLinesTEST8

WEC - wordPlus


WEC - logo doodl ruff01a




On August 3, 2013, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

First pass of Diffuse, Specular, and Normal. Still no fancy lighting yet…




On July 25, 2013, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

I just threw this together, nothing fancy yet, just some progress…



Art Test 40hrs+

On July 25, 2013, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

Here are a few tweaks I’ve done since the 40 hour mark. I’ve posed the Shambler a little better; gave him some life. Ha! I still need to polish the diffuse, plus extras, (normals etc.) but before that, I will tackle lighting. Fun fun. Here’s what you paid for.









Art Test – pt3

On July 15, 2013, in Free Time, by ithecrabman

40 hours. Didn’t quite finish. Almost managed to complete everything I planned. I still would like [need] to run another small polish phase, (a few seams here and there & some more detail). Send the character to Mixamo, (currently Physique). Light the scene, (current – skylight w/cast shadows === always awesome.)…along with a few other tiny things [Unity]. Maybe another hour or two and I feel it would be right where I predicted it. Off on scope and time management again, much more acurate though. I’m happy. Now I have a nice little scene that I can tweak as much as I’d like…thanks art test!

So…here are a few beauty shots and the specs. I’ll post more content, (wireframes, textures, etc) later.

Alley: 1,962 plys  –  Character: 1,994 plys [both max 1,999 plys]

Alley Texture: 2 512×512 Diffuse  –  Character Texture: 512×512 Diffuse    [larger resolutions pictured below]





Textures [1024×1024 to show texture] Next post will be 512’s.